Corona v\s Domestic Herbs

Since last many days I am receiving many comments regarding the availability of hydroxychloroquine ,the medicine recently was in news for treating people the pandemic disease covid-19 ,worldwide.

Many of our readers asked regularly from where to buy this medicine , at what price can it be bought and many more regarding all this . Let me clear one thing first that in our country where we people have least death rate although the number of affected persons from covid is still increasing day by day .

So what we people are doing exactly despite taking all precautions e.g. social distancing , washing hands using sanitizers is boosting our immunity system regularly so that despite all the preventive measures if anyone came in touch with this disease should overcome without any serious issue or need of medicine and hospitals . This resulted that we have the best recovery rate worldwide .

I along with my family including my kids are taking help from my domestic garden and with the soup made by neem leaves , gloy (Tinospora Cordifolia) leaves , tulsi , ginger leaves , mint leaves and lemon drops [although it is very bitter in taste but works as amrit or amrut as immunity booster . 


I take few leaves of all these herbs and boil it for 10 to 15 minutes and pour one complete lemon drops to make the soup drinkable ,due to its very harsh bitterness .

Here is the video   on my you tube channel describing all the stuff . as there is no end  seems coming of this disease in forthcoming days so the best we can and we are doing to prevent this corona is consuming  our domestic herbs as our  immunity booster . 

corona v\s domestic herbs

link of my you tube video

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